ELF Parts


Cat got your ELF?

Sol Mobil is the #1 source in the world for Organic Transit ELF replacement parts and repair services. We have a comprehensive offering of products and services geared towards the ELF, from replacement batteries, to new drive systems, to solar panels, bike components and more. We also remanufacture ELFs to function better & much more reliably than when new: our rebuilt ELFs all function as class 3, 28mph speed pedelecs, and come complete with a Phaserunner controller from Grin Tech, torque sensing pedal assist, regen, reverse, Cycle Analyst w/solar firmware, and more. 

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Are you looking to replace the battery in your ELF? Though not the one originally provided, our 48v 16.5ah downtube style battery from Grin Tech. is the ideal replacement. It comes with a 1 year warranty, and is capable of being solar charged while driving (also known as simultaneous charge & discharge) at up to 8 amps. Along with the battery, most ELF owners purchase:

1. Either the SB-50 or SBS-50 power adapter, which allows you to plug this battery right into a standard ELF with no modifications.  

2. 5' battery power extension wire, for mounting the battery farther away from the original connector (such as on the dashboard or around the floor).

3. XLR to Anderson power adapter, which allows for charging the new battery with your standard ELF charger when it's been taken off of the lockable mounting base. This is only necessary if you plan to mount the battery using the included locking mounting plate.