Company History

In a few short years, we've moved from class project to growing e-bike shop & online retailer. We're one of the only shops in the US that will service any brand of e-bike regardless of its origin, and we can help you convert almost any regular bicycle to electric. We've been designing and building prototype solar e-bike frames since 2016, and have been profitable as an e-bike repair shop since 2019. Thanks for letting your curiosity lead you here! Here we have a chance to highlight some of the other organizations that have made it possible for us to be successful the last 7 years, and how we hope to continue innovating for another 70!



This all started for us in 2015, when 3 undergrad student of Appropriate Technology, at Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, took a class called 'Sustainable Transportation.' Travis Garrison, Nick Stover, and Ryan Gillespie got together after the class, taught by Dr. Jack Martin of the Triad Electric Vehicle Association, to scheme a class project. We wanted to find out if our professor was right about the future of electric vehicles, or if he was just 'full of it,' so to speak. We quickly found success with this first test bike, despite its extremely low cost!

20150422-162333.jpgthanks for reading. more to come soon!

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