ELF Nose Job

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Expected release date is Sep 1st 2022

This is a part we ended up needing to make in order to properly rebuild a few ELFs. Thus, it makes sense that others would probably find it useful when rebuilding their ELFs as well, so we have made it available online.

The front part of the ELF frame, that holds the front nose together, is sometimes only bolted to the main part of the frame with 1 bolt. If this is the case, or your front frame section has started to come loose for another reason, your ELF's front end will, over time, start moving around like the nose of a Concorde. In order to prevent this, and add much additional rigidity, we decided to machine a plate out of 1/4" aluminum plate. The plate is easily installed by drilling a few holes in your frame according to the hole layout of the plate. 6mm stainless hardware is included.

This adds much more strength than is required in that area, and allows a mounting location for an additional gear loft. The gear loft is designed to hold a 2.5 gallon water jug, though it can also store other items such as camping gear, groceries, or whatever you can fit in there. More info on that new optional system is coming soon.

ETA September 2022.