Sol Mobil Happy Appy Ride

Date: March 9th to 16th 2024.

Route: Boone, NC --> Wilmington, NC and back.

Duration: ~750 miles over 7 days.

Mission: Takes place over Appalachian State University's spring break. Starting from Boone, we will travel through central NC while showcasing the latest in self-built solar powered bike technology. Stops in Winston-Salem, Greensboro, and in the Triangle area before continuing to the beach, then looping part way back.


Sun Trip Sahara 2024

Date: Depart on April 12th, 2024.

Route: Lyon , FR --> Sidi Ifni, Morocco - and back!

Duration: over 4,000 miles

Mission: Ride from France to the Sahara and back! An all-out, no jokes race to the finish (there will be plenty of jokes along the way. these guys are quite silly). The winner will need to average nearly 200 or more miles per day in order to be competitive, all while traveling through one of the most unforgiving & inhospitable deserts in the world. Think of the Paris --> Dakar rally ... only with solar bikes ... yeah it's like that ...

More info can be found on the Sun Trip's website.


Sun Trip East Coast 2024: Z to A ride!

Date: September 22nd - September 29th 2024

Route: Xenia, OH --> Asheville, NC.

Duration: 600 miles over 7 days (100 miles per day avg).

Mission: Experience the southern Appalachians in peak Fall season just before the leaves change. This will be a challenging mountain ride. Departs from CycleCon 2024. Sun Trip Tour style stage-city rally ride with two different route options. Departs from Xenia, OH at the conclusion of CycleCon 2024. It first heads to Columbus, OH, from Xenia before looping back south into the new New River Gorge National park. After that, the group will continue to Boone, NC, and then take the Blue Ridge Parkway from there to the finish line in Asheville.

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