When it comes to long distance adventure trikes, there is one that stands out among the rest - the Wild One by Stein Trikes. It's not just because of the class leading independent double wishbone front suspension. It's not just because of the obsessive attention to detail given to every unit. It's not just because every Stein trike is configured to order, and features an almost limitless color pallet for individual customization.

We sell these things because of the way they ride down the street. It's that simple, yet hard to describe. These vehicles have the agility of a narrow rack racecar, unbelievable ride quality, and yet, are still more efficient than typical e-bikes due to the reclined seating position. With the electric drive unit installed, these trikes become some of the most capable overland/trekking/cruising vehicles you could possibly imagine. And they make for a pretty exhilarating blast to the office as well.

We currently have a Wild One in the shop available for sale & test rides. Most people who buy a Stein Trike typically end up placing a custom order with us for the factory in Serbia, though the demo trike is available for sale if it already happens to be configured to your liking. Test rides and other inquiries can be scheduled by simply sending us an e-mail at