Ryan Gillespie



Ryan is the owner and founder of Sol Mobil LLC. He's a LEVA certified e-bike technician, and has been working with electric bikes since he built his first solar powered e-bike in 2015. Before starting Sol Mobil, Ryan worked in the e-bike & solar PV industries, and has participated in the Sun Trip Tour 2017, 2019, and the 2022 Sun Trip California. In 2016, Ryan hosted the "Appalachian State University Electric Bike User Study," an on-campus e-bike rental program that provided user data from the participants over a two week rental period. Since then, he's made it his mission in life to spread the excitement & pure efficiency of solar electric vehicles to as many people as possible.

Board of Advisors:

Dr. Don Gerhardt (in the middle)


Don is our e-bike industry & value engineering advisor. He functions as an outside advisor to the company, and brings us everything from industry new, to customer referrals, the latest from Eurobike, personal connections in the industry, and much more. We wouldn't be here without Don's help; he has been helping us out from behind the scenes since the beginning. At one point, Don was one of the top most recognized value engineers in the world; he has had an extensive career in the automotive, engineering, corporate management, even bio-engineering fields, having worked for Pontiac, Ford, GM, and Ingersoll Rand. Besides value engineering, Don is also quite skilled in product planning, profitability, voice of the customer, and more, and never hesitates to lend a little advice or tools when necessary. Don developed the LEVA E-Bike Technician Certification Course, and is author of the course's text, the Electric Bike Maintenance Manual.


Dr. Jack Martin


Meet Dr. Jack Martin, electric vehicle evangelist and educator. He is our communications & community engagement advisor. Among other things, Jack is the founder of the Triad Electric Vehicle Association (TEVA), and a Hypermiling Grand Champion, able to squeeze 124.6 mpg out of a single gallon of gas. Jack teaches the sustainable transportation course at Appalachian that so appropriately ignited our passion for e-bikes as well as others now in the e-bike industry. Known as 'Sustainable' Jack when on air, he also co-hosts a local radio show in Burlington, NC called the Home Power Hour. Dr. Martin dreams of one day becoming a solar bike nomad, of traveling the whole world on nothing but solar power and pedaling. To this end, he has agreed to help us develop the next generation of solar powered vehicles. Jack drove the support van during the Sun Trip California 2022, and has agreed to support the trip again in 2023.

Brand Ambassadors

Carlin Comm



testing 123

David Liguoy


David is currently on a solar bike tour of North America after extensive touring in Europe and South America. It is hard to count how many countries he's been to over the last several years! David will soon pass from Washington State to Canada. You can learn more about David and his mission by checking out If he happens to be passing through your area, or meet him on the road, take a few minutes to hang out with him - you will not be disappointed! David is very engaging to talk to when it comes to the environment, and he knows a lot about our products as well! When he comes rolling through your town on his crazy looking, hyper efficient solar e-trike, it's hard not to notice. And when you're with David, it's really hard not to smile too! You can reach David at, or by phone / whatsapp at +1 818 3390611.

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