Coming soon to our warehouse! We are working hard to bring you the finest forward thinking electric mobility solutions on the planet ... And the new BÜLK MK1 does not disappoint - it redefines what personal transportation can look and feel like.

For those who are completely uncompromising in their quest for efficiency and performance. You need sacrifice nothing to enjoy the benefits of a velomobile like this in your daily life. They offer full suspension, all weather protection, great visibility, unmatched performance, and are easier than ever to adjust for different height riders. Each unit is handmade in Romania to the exact specifications you require.

Please check back soon for more details & ordering info about these amazing machines. We hope to have a demo unit available for test rides in the near future. Until then, you can learn more about these world class velomobiles, including the BÜLK, Milan, Quatrevelo, and more at

Photo courtesy of Circle City blog.

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