Remote Support - 3rd party

If you bought your system from us, we will in fact work to ensure it gets up and running properly. There are sometimes some little steps along the way that can confuse people, especially as they complete their first conversion or build. A few emails or quick phone calls usually does the trick.

But what if that's not enough? Are you gearing up for a tour? Trying to add a second motor? Building a vending cart? Adding solar panels (nice)? Doing something we've never seen before?

Then you won't be satisfied with a 10 minute phone call - you need TechSAAS by Sol Mobil. We created this entire program specifically so we could create a way to help people without having them come into our little workshop in downtown Winston-Salem. So use it. We, like many in the industry, sincerely want to find a way to help everyone, while at the same time, making enough money to continually build & grow the company.

Please browse the flyer below for details on how to participate in the TechSAAS program. Thanks. This is the future of continued product support, especially as it relates to light electric vehicles.