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When your e-bike (or other EV) seems to have run out of go-juice, is displaying an error message, has damage from an accident, or is just plain unrideable, Sol Mobil LLC is here to help get your electric bike or other lightweight EV back on the road as soon as possible. We service all types of electric bikes, whether it's 2 or 20 years old, and no matter where it came from. We also service other devices powered by lithium batteries such as golf carts, skateboards, one-wheels, power drills, leaf blowers, portable saws, and more; we'll service almost anything that has a lithium battery in it!

Initial Diagnostic

Our initial diagnostic includes a comprehensive look at the system's wiring & components, and our expert repair recommendation; this is all done by a LEVA certified e-bike technician. Our initial diagnostic is done either in our shop, or remotely, via video chat between the us and the e-bike's owner (or trusted local bike shop). Our video chat diagnostic service is meant for people who can't or don't want to ship their bike to our workshop, which is conveniently located in downtown Winston-Salem, NC. Often we're able to guide you through completing the repair locally, saving time and energy on both ends - It's especially helpful for our customers who own large or unique e-bikes & trikes, such as the Organic Transit ELF.


By the way, we offer an e-bike pickup & dropoff service for repair customers located in the Southeastern US - call or e-mail for details. 


Lithium Battery Computerized Discharge Testing

We also offer a computerized discharge test for lithium batteries - we put your battery through one complete discharge cycle, then share the detailed results with you. The cost of the test can then be applied to the purchase of a new battery if necessary.

Sol Mobil puts you in control of repairs, the way owning an electric vehicle should be. We recognize that every e-bike or other light EV on the road can potentially offer a lifetime of reliable service, just like a normal bicycle, if regularly maintained by its owner or a qualified repair technician. We believe in building, customizing, and repairing e-bikes that outlast the current design trends, and are instead designed to be serviced on a regular basis for 20 or 30 years. Who says an e-bike can't last 40 years if you stay on top of regular maintenance, and replace the battery every now and then? A lot of e-bike companies out there will try to tell you that you need a 'special, proprietary replacement controller,' or that 'only our battery pack will work with our bikes,' or 'do not open, qualified repair technician only,' or 'Unfortunately this vehicle is no longer supported by our factory.' Well here at Sol Mobil, we've heard all of those things from actual e-bike companies, and know enough to wholeheartedly disagree! Just because your e-bike is out of style, that doesn't mean you have to stop riding it and buy a new one - it just means you need to find the right mechanic.

The initial 3rd party diagnostic costs $120. Sometimes, (but not often), we are even able to repair the bike during this first hour. If not, we will then provide a detailed list of recommended parts and labor in order to get your machine back up and running properly.

To schedule a diagnostic, or if you have any questions about our services, please contact us . Thank you.

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