Roadshow Spring 2024

New for 2024

The Roadshow by SolMobil


Are you interested in one of our products ...

But really want the chance to check it out first?

Then look no further than this ...

the Roadshow by SolMobil!

This spring, we're trying something new. Instead of making you come to us, we are coming to you!

Over the last year, we found quite a few customers all over the USA ... but they all needed something shipped to them. Independently, this would have cost much more than if we make a delivery run instead. Plus, it allows for a unique chance to visit with current and prospective customers in a different way. Besides doing a few deliveries and repairs, we will also be setup in the following cities at the date and time linked below.

Here are the planned 'Roadshow' shops, where we will be setup and available to the public. Ready to answer any and all questions you may have about anything you see here:

Atlanta TBD

Birmingham TBD

Asheville TBD

Boone March 9th

Winston-Salem March 10th

Raleigh March 11th

Lexington March 16th

Indianapolis March 18th

Chicago March 19th

Minneapolis March 20th

Winnipeg March 23rd

Vancouver March 30th

Seattle April 1st

Portland April 2nd

The Bay Area April 8th

L.A. April 11th

Phoenix April 13th

Denver April 19th

A Google calendar, which lists all of these stops (with updates) is available on our contact page. More info to come soon as these events get closer.


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