If electric bikes are central to your business's model, Sol Mobil exists to make you look good! Whether you have existing operations and are in need of regular maintenance and repair services, or you're looking to start a business centered around e-bikes, consider us your number one source! We can set you up with a powerful, industrial quality e-bike built to handle specific tasks, including street vending, mobile bike repairs, advertising, food delivery, tourism, and more!

Approved B2B clients are subject to reduced labor hour rates as well as other perks. Inquire for details.

In this day and age, it sometimes makes sense to start a bike-centric business as opposed to an automobile-reliant one not only for environmental reasons, but also because it's more cost effective. Owning an electric bicycle instead of an automobile can save the average small business owner over $9,000 per year in operating costs, leaving lots of time and money available for what's really important - business development! Instead of becoming tied to the rise and fall of gas prices, and actively funding our world's continued oppression & destruction by the fossil fuel industry, you and your employees can instead be reaping the physical and psychological benefits electric bikes offer. Change the world by changing yours! Give us a call!

We are actively partnered with the following North Carolina based businesses:



Beers N Gears - "Moving People By Bicycle"

"BeersNGears is a business with a mission to spread bicycle culture to everyone we meet while making space for sharing a beer while we're at it. We're invested in making all types of riding in our community more accessible from educating to advocating, down to simply making sure there are some cool events, rides, and opportunities for cycling locally. We hope to see you on ride with us soon!" 



BikeMyAd - "We Bike For Your Success"

"Bike My Ad is a professional innovative company that specializes in outdoor mobile advertising and marketing solutions in all downtown areas for all types of businesses. Bike My Ad provides an affordable and Eco-friendly solution to advertise local businesses, local events, products and services at the right time. Our state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly bike ads are not only cost-effective but are powerful mediums that ensures your product or service stands out."


Gerhardt Cycles - "Providing Electric Bikes In NC and Southern VA"

"Gerhardt Cycles continues the tradition in E-Bike sales started by Neighborhood Transportation on the East Coast of the USA. Neighborhood Transportation sold a variety of early E-Bike brands including the “ebike” from EV Global Motors and the “Tidal Force” from Wave Crest. Gerhardt Cycles has the dealer service manuals for these early E-bikes dating back to 2003. Gerhardt Cycles works with the local NC-VA TEVA chapter of the nonprofit Electric Auto Association (EAA) to promote all types of EV’s including E-Bikes. Selected members of EAA-TEVA are sales representatives for Gerhardt Cycles in North Carolina and Virginia. Gerhardt Cycles and members of EAA-TEVA donate their time to help schools and local cities in NC and VA incorporate E-Bikes into the infrastructure. Examples include the E-Bike Danville VA Project and Earth Days in Burlington, Greensboro and Winston-Salem NC. Dr. Don J. Gerhardt from Gerhardt Cycles developed the training material used by the Light Electric Vehicle Association for the LEVA E-Bike Technician Training and Certification Program. Gerhardt Cycles continues to work in the area of E-Bike safety and the use of E-Bikes for medical rehabilitation and athletic performance improvement."


Green Cycle Design Group - "Creating Innovative Components For EV's"

"After years of frustration dealing with other suppliers’ hardware for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) that just didn’t work, Ken Clayton and Mike Rollins founded the Green Cycle Design Group in 2007. They previously worked together on dozens of gas-to-electric vehicle conversions and decided to challenge the status quo and make higher quality hardware they would want to have on their own BEVs. We are passionate about helping people build electric vehicles that are more efficient to operate and lots of fun to drive."

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