Folding e-bikes are typically heavier, and have less performance, than non-folding ebikes ... that is, until we showed up ;) ...



We first built an electric Montague Paratrooper in 2019, for a fellow who requested a 'do-everything, high power e-bike capable of thrashing offroad trails and doing DoorDash in Charlotte in the same day. Oh, and I want to be able to put it inside my Prius without an additional rear rack.'

We did our research, then informed the customer that Montague was in fact the only way to go - most folding bikes are either heavy, expensive, or both, and feature tiny wheels - too much compromise to be the base for an epic, off-road capable e-bike. But Montague is different. They designed the Paratrooper over 30 years ago to be the definition of utility. They have a relatively long pedigree in the bike industry, having spawned several exciting early e-bike projects, including the Wave Crest, as early as 1997!!! There is no compromise in choosing a Montague frame, since they have perfectly engineered the DirectConnect system to eliminate excess vibrations, keep the frame feeling as sturdy as a regular bike, and minimize weight. Montague regularly enforces their patents on this system, as many designers and imitators know how superior it is to a typical folding bike latch.

But besides the Paratrooper, Montague has now extended their technology to road and touring bikes as well - take a look at the smart-looking Allston, for instance:


If you purchased a super killer bike like this, and had us install the Grin All Axle Front Hub with LiGo batteries, for instance, then not only would you have a super high quality (and exponentially more reliable/serviceable) folding e-bike --- you would have a bike that becomes non-electric the instant you pack it down for world traveling. Though e-bikes and components are allowed through all TSA checkpoints (except batteries over 100wh), they are not allowed on every airline, as it depends on their specific rules and regulations. So we've found, just to be safe, that it's easier to travel with a box of 'bicycle components' than it is to travel with a box labeled 'ebike.' Take that front hub motor, and stick it in your suitcase. No one has to know that you plan on converting your bike back to electric once you land ;).

But it just keeps getting better - most Montague bikes feature the award winning RackStand, which is, in our view, one of the best rear racks to ever be designed. It's so good that they started a spinoff company selling the rack by itself!!! (get it? the rack spins off the bike, lol)

Or maybe you're trying to keep it old school with the Montague Express:


No matter what you're feeling, there's a pretty good chance you could feel it on a Montague configured by Sol Mobil. Oh, and don't forget, they even have a factory mid drive now, for those of you who prefer mid drives and don't mind the lower top speed & power compared to our direct drive hub system:



To lean more about all the Montague bikes, and to see what we can do for you, don't hesitate to send us an e-mail at Though we can find and import all kinds of bikes, there are lots of reasons why we often end up recommending Montague when family and friends contact us about e-bikes, especially folding ones. First, they are great bikes, and second, they fold. Most other folding bikes are designed with the opposite intent in mind - they fold first, and the bike experience comes afterwards.

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