This is the process of unlocking an old bike's future potential. By replacing the control electronics with new stuff from ya boyz up north, we can help you achieve e-bike happiness once again. We have done this on various brands over the years, including:




BH Easy Motion

Better Bike PEBL


Organic Transit ELF


... and more

Here is a video example of someone doing this type of 'Jailbreak' repair:

We highly encourage you to read the entire description in the video linked above. Our friend, the inventor himself, cautions against most people attempting this type of repair. We will add that, after years of experience doing this very thing, that the dollars do not, in fact, always make sense. Sometimes, depending on the depth of the problem, we will offer a different bike, or a trade in offer, to make sure you don't end up wasting your time or money on a bike that isn't worth it.

Similarly, we will not be able to do this kind of job if your bike isn't actually broken. While we are perfectly capable of doing said jailbreak on any ebike in any condition, we are inclined not to attempt to 'fix' anything that ain't actually 'broke.' We would encourage you, in that case, to go buy another ebike that's better suited to your needs, then keep the original, possibly lacking-in-performance e-bike as a backup (or sell). We find it hard to accommodate most upgrade-type jobs unless the bike is in fact unrideable, since they shouldn't take precedent over bikes that are actually in need of repair.

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