Maintenance & Repairs

Sol Mobil is committed to thoughtful, low cost, and efficient repair services that allow you to get back on the road as soon as possible. Unlike most other electric bike shops, we build our own brand of customized, hand built e-bikes. This allows us a much greater degree of flexibility when performing repairs; we treat every repair as a custom e-bike, because that's what it will be when you get it back. When you come to Sol Mobil with a problem with your e-bike (or EV), it's coming to an electric bike shop run by a LEVA certified technician, with years of experience in the diagnostic & repair of lightweight electric vehicles.

We can repair all brands and styles of e-bikes because we use standardized, open source replacement parts, instead of spending time and energy sourcing proprietary parts from various companies all over the world. For instance, when we replace your handlebar display with a Cycle Analyst, we will pre-program it, and give you an introductory lesson on how to use and adjust it. When we replace your motor controller, we use genuine Anderson PowerPole connectors, and will include the user manual. We don't just fix your e-bike - we make it better than it was before.

Examples of Typical Installation Fees (labor only):

 Hub motor wheel lace:     $60

Motor controller:     $30

Throttle:     $10

Cycle Analyst 3.1 installation & initial programming:     $90

PAS Sensor:     $15

Torque Sensor:     $75

PAS or torque sensor selection switch:     $15

Battery rebuild:     $TBD

Replace connector with Anderson PowerPole:     $4/ea