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One of the most trusted names in e-bike technology. Grin first brought us the Cycle Analyst, and since then, has made consistent innovations in the e-bike world: from Statorade, to the Cycle Satiator charger, to the all-axle hub motor, plus the LiGo battery and more. the We use their FOC motor controllers such as the Phaserunner exclusively because of their high reliability and performance. Besides all the advanced features and protections built into these motor controllers, they are totally encased in epoxy for superior waterproofing.




Sunpower is the world leader in solar panel technology, having set the world record for solar panel efficiency. We only use SunPower solar modules because they are built on the SunPower Maxeon solar cell, which has a solid copper back contact instead of soldiered strips on the front of the cell. 



Genasun manufactures the leading MPPT solar charge controller used on electric bikes. Originally designed for golf carts, Genasun's GVB charge controllers direct charge lithium e-bike batteries from solar at 96-99% efficiency. They carry a 5-10 year warranty, and are made in the USA.



We're a Garmin dealer in order to offer our customers the best in asset tracking and recovery: the Garmin Spot Trace. The Spot Trace GPS unit can be discreetly mounted on most e-bikes, and delivers precise GPS location updates in the event of theft. We also offer their other GPS systems, which haven proven to be a lifesaving tool when the unexpected happens.

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