Rear Dropouts for ELF

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Expected release date is Sep 1st 2022

The ELF used what they call 'sliders' to hold various components onto the frame, such as the motor, gear hub, and rear wheel. These sliders, over time, can become hard to slide for adjustment. They can also be ruined by other factors such as improper hub spacing, too much torque from a motor, excessive weight in the ELF, and more.

In order to come up with some kind of solution, and also to provide an integrated torque arm into the ELF suitable for a powerful rear hub motor, we started making our own version of what we thought the rear dropout should look like. It is made, like some of our other parts, out of a chunk of 6061 aluminum, and precision machined at our shop in Winston-Salem. Our new dropout offers these improvements compared to the stock dropout:

- increased thickness of the dropout itself provides enough strength to act as a torque arm if using a hub motor in the rear wheel.

- eliminates the need to use washers when mounting your rear wheel onto the ELF, which makes it much easier to change the rear tire.

- bolt-on vs slider architecture ensures easy assembly & adjustment

- integrated I.S. disc brake mount makes mounting a disc brake in the rear simple and effective using a standard 180mm rear disc brake adapter.

- Integrated mounting hole for Rohloff gear hub torque arm

- Stainless steel hardware is included

ETA September 2022