26" x 2.15" Pick-Up Performance Super Defense

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This is the best cargo e-bike tire we could find. It is so new and amazing that it is hard to keep this tire in stock. Our apologies. This tire was specifically designed to handle the high weights and loads typically seen in e-cargo bikes and trikes. We recommend them for heavies such as front loaders, vending carts, trailers, and trikes like the Organic Transit ELF.


Until we can get our hands on more of these killer tires, consider using the Schwalbe Big Ben instead. They will do the exact same job very well until this tire becomes more widely available. Thanks!


From the distributor:

  • Fast rolling, street style tread built tough for cargo use with heavy loads
  • Large rectangular knobs down the middle section, paired with textured shoulder knobs offer good traction and durable, long lasting tread life
  • SDEF – Super Defense, extremely strong double carcass gives the tire excellent safety under heavy loads and increased extra puncture protection
  • AE – Addix E compound is an E-bike specific compound that ensures exceptionally good durability, riding performance and grip, with ECE-R75 certification
Style: Standard Size: 26x2.15
ISO: 559 Bead: Wire
Tread/SW: Bk/Blk PSI: 65
Features: SDEF/AE/REF/EBIKE50 Reflective Sidewall: Yes
E-Bike Rating: E50