NEW 48v 25ah ELF Replacement Battery

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Now: $1,100.00
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Typical lead time for this battery is 2-3 weeks. Call or e-mail for details!
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This battery is currently available for local pickup only.

This listing is for our 48v, 25ah li-ion battery that fits right into the Organic Transit ELF's existing battery tray.  This pack is built into the same black case as was used in most Organic Transit ELFs from 2014-2018; but due to modern advancements in battery design, we were able to fit a whopping 25 amp hours into the same clarinet case-style boxes!

Please remember to select the appropriate power adapter when purchasing. The older ELFs, mostly made in 2013-2014, used the Anderson SB-50 connector, while most ELFs made in 2015 and later use the SBS-50. If you're not sure which one you need, give us a call or email. It's a little hard to tell them apart at first.

Since 2019, we have been offering new custom batteries for ELF & other e-bike repairs as needed. Now they are available online as well! In the past, we have experimented with a few different configurations and cells, including the Samsung 25R and several cells from LG. After a few dozen successful battery builds in the last few years, we have settled on this cell configuration, along with a high quality waterproof BMS, for 2023:

Voltage: 48v

Configuration: 13s5p

Max continuous discharge: 40a

Max continuous charge rate: 20a

Allows for simultaneous charge & discharge: yes

Cells: BAK 21700

+/- Connector: Anderson PP45

Max charge voltage: 54.6v

Cutoff voltage: ~35v

Warranty: 2 years against manufacturing defects

... Cute battery, guys, but how can you say they're the best on the market when you're such a small 'lil company?

1. Headroom

Our batteries are configured in such a way that limits the max discharge of the cells themselves at around 50% of their rated duty cycle. For instance, this battery is limited by the BMS at only 40a max continuous output, yet the cells themselves have a max discharge rating of almost 80 amps. The US military designs their electronics with this type of 'headroom' for one reason ... reliability. For batteries, this is known to slightly increase the real amount of amp hours able to be output from the battery during a typical discharge cycle, as well as improves overall cycle life and long term battery health. Many e-bike companies, especially ones looking to offer inexpensive alternatives, sometimes produce battery packs with no or very little additional headroom. We know this because the customers have come in and showed us their batteries! Sometimes, when a battery's max amps is too close to the max output of the cells, the battery pack can degrade prematurely, leaving the user with a battery that either doesn't work at all, or only gives 40-60% of the rated capacity after only less than a year. We have never had one of our battery packs lose capacity in this manner, and never will (though we'd of course issue a warranty replacement if it ever did happen!).

2. Our batteries are cool

Another side benefit of all that additional headroom, apart from the increased reliability, is the fact that our batteries do not heat up as much under discharge compared to a typical e-bike battery pack. 'Normal' shark-style 48v down tube batteries tend to get warm to the touch when under high load (~1,500w). Some companies have even designed a phase change material that encases the battery cells in order to deal with heat transfer. Our batteries don't get as warm simply because each individual cell is not working as hard.

3. Fast charging

Another exciting benefit of these batteries is their ability to fast charge. Though not recommended for max cycle life, these batteries are capable of being charged at up to 20a, about 3-5x as fast as typical e-bike batteries. The standard ELF had a 4a charger, while the Cycle Satiator from Grin Tech can go up to 7a ... though rumor has it that the truly power-hungry can even gang up multiple Cycle Satiators in parallel! You may not have a charger that can charge that fast, but surprisingly, a solar bike can easily provide close to 20 charge amps if setup with even just a single motor w/ regenerative braking! For instance, an ELF rolling down a steep mountain can easily generate 500-700w of regen during the descent. If you happen to also be equipped with a newer solar panel like the Renogy 175w, then all of a sudden, you're e-bike's 48v circuit is seeing up to 875 watts, or 18 freakin' amps, of charge power at the same time!!! With numbers like that, it's no wonder we sized our batteries the way we did. We wanted to allow for the full benefits of regenerative braking, as well as people who have built solar trailers for touring. Some of our customers have built massive, >500w solar trailers, and needed a battery system that was capable of more demanding charging cycles which include >500w of solar and multiple drive motors (which adds even more to the ELF's regen capability).

4. Handmade in North Carolina

No, seriously :). Every single battery pack we sell is hand built in Winston-Salem, NC, by professional level, LEVA certified lithium battery technicians. We have been building experimental battery packs since 2015, and as of this writing (2023), have never had a thermal event or unintended battery incident. We use only the finest grade A cells available from only the top tier of battery manufacturers, and discharge test every custom built battery to ensure performance and reliability. We are able to provide replacement and custom e-bike batteries in any form factor in order to conform to the dimensional constraints of your existing battery box, and in the full range of common voltages: 24v, 36v, 48v, 52v, and 72v. For special requests regarding high voltage EV batteries, or home energy storage, please give us a call or email for more info! We have worked on every size battery from power drills, to the Nissan Leaf, and everything in between, and are more than happy to have a chat about batteries - it's what we do!