About Us

Sol Mobil LLC was founded in 2018 in order to promote the adoption of solar powered electric bikes. We believe that the act of purchasing an electric bike, especially a solar charged one, can constitute a major, life-changing event in which these things and more are likely to occur:

- Reduced (or completely eliminated) reliance on fossil fuels for personal transportation.

- Increased physical and mental health levels.

- Reduced automobile congestion.

- Increased transportation safety through responsible speeds --> The likelihood of personal injury in an accident goes up exponentially above 35mph. 

- An increased sense of adventure and personal satisfaction in daily life.

Right now, we are a small operation dedicated to electric bike custom builds and repairs. But tomorrow, we strive to offer the highest quality solar e-bikes available on the market. We are currently engaged in developing a solar powered e-bike capable of traveling over 100 miles in 1 day on solar power, or in other words, be used perpetually without recharging for periods of months or years at a time.


More coming soon ...