Wild One Fat

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Orders are sent directly to the factory in Serbia. They are typically ready for shipment to the US about 6-8 weeks after the order is placed. If you selected 'pickup in store,' then allow another 2 weeks or so for us to receive & assemble everything.
Free Delivery:
All Customers In North Carolina Enjoy Free Delivery On This E-Trike For A Limited Time! Just Select "Pickup In Store," and e-mail us your address to arrange delivery!

We carry the Stein Trikes Wild One because we wanted to offer the highest quality full suspension trike available on the market. The Stein Trikes Wild One features double wishbone front suspension, and at only 42 lbs, is an excellent platform on which to build an electric, or even solar powered setup. You choose which colors you want, and whether you want electric assist, and we handle the rest. Custom orders usually arrive as completed trikes within 6-8 weeks, though we will confirm the estimated wait time when the order is placed. If you want a trike faster than that, contact us for a list of trikes that are already finished & located in the US warehouse.

 Purchase Notes:

- This listing is for the FAT version.

- Standard configuration ships with the hard shell fiberglass seat & pad. It's really comfortable, yet super strong & lightweight. If you want the mesh seat instead, select that option at checkout.

- Headrest can be ordered along with the hard shell seat.

- Full list of colors, plus examples of how it looks on the trikes, can be accessed here. Select what color you want for the frame, as well as what color you want the swingarms to be, and write it in the option box above.

- All electric assist options include Cycle Analyst 3.1, front and rear light, torque sensing pedal assist, and regenerative braking. The parameters of all these features are fully programmable in the Cycle Analyst, which allows you to really get the most out of these systems. These systems allow for max continuous power levels of around 1,500w, and speeds of:

20-28mph (Max speed of GMAC is 20 mph at 36v. The All Axle Hub Motors can do 28mph by using the fast winding).

28 mph at 48v.

29-30 mph at 52v.

... though we recommend keeping it limited to it's 'street' setting when riding on public roads, which is 750w, with a 20mph throttle only speed limit, or 28mph speed limit when riding using pedal assist.

- Shipping to addresses in the US is a flat rate of $150. International orders may have additional shipping & VAT charges apply. Contact us for details. Select 'Pickup In Store' to avoid all shipping costs, plus it will be completely assembled and test driven when you come pick it up.

From The Manufacturer:

  • progressive suspension travel 100mm
  • frame geometry for maximum efficiency
  • precise steering with ackerman compensation in full suspension travel
  • optimal seat height for maximum power delivery

- Full suspended trike for everyday use, fast and agile or OFF ROAD for enthusiasts and adrenaline addicted lovers. Unique on world with specially designed progressive suspension system for both stability and comfort.

The pictures are informative only and may vary from actual product



The ultimate driving machine!

The Wild One, our fastest full suspended trike offers the highest level of comfort and unique safety reserves.

Suspension we use is pre-load adjustable Coilovers with nitrogen charge, travel on all wheels is 100mm. This high-speed chassis is the reference among the full suspension trikes. The contact point with ground (track width) remains unchanged in complete suspension travel. No tire rubbing across the direction of travel, nothing slows the urge to move forward.

The chassis is adapted to each customer using different spring hardnesses and seat sizes. In the urban jungle you can drive over 50mm vertical edges at full throttle without the driver noticing. The unique chassis design reacts extremely sensitively to all kinds of obstacles. No matter whether sharp edges, gravel, roots or badly lowered curbs, the Double Wishbone front axle swallows everything away. Even if you driving over a large bump in the forest at high speed and the trike taking off, the progressively front axle suspension design withstands the landing without the landing gear breaking through. No other trike offers more suspension comfort and this unique handling. The low seat height of 23cm in connection with 79cm track width allow very high curve tempo. 

You can enjoj sports car feeling, but paired with the comfort of a Rolls Royce in the same time.

Test the Wild One and you will understand why more and more people choose it. The Wild One can be perfectly adapted to every customer thanks to various seat models and seat heights. We would be happy to help you put together your desired trike and build the trike of your dreams.

Pictures on the listing are from the Stein Trikes official website.