Wild On-E Mid Drive

Was: $10,500.00
Now: $7,000.00
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Orders placed using the configurator here are forwarded directly to the factory in Serbia. Current wait time is approximately 2-3 months. Please call or e-mail for details.

After over 15 years of development, we have the newest Stein trike ever to hit the market: the Wild On-E. This trike is very similar to the regular Wild One, but with some small modifications to allow for the lightweight mid drive electric assist system. Powered by Oli e-bike Systems in Italy, this electric mid drive trike is incredibly lightweight and refined in every way. From the responsive steering, to the unparalleled 4" of suspension travel, to the color options, reliability, and extreme ruggedness of the trike, no other pedal electric vehicle in the world offers this exact mixture of power, comfort, customization, and stability while weighing in at under 75 lbs.

The first Wild On-E that came to us is a custom trike ordered in British Racing Green with Ivory colored swingarms. It is truly a beautiful machine, and one that we are going to be sorry to sell. But that's ok, we'll just order another one :). Pictures coming soon.

Specs of the 2022 Wild On-E Sol Mobil Edition:

- Oli Sport 250w motor (25km/h).

- Speed limit can be removed with optional SpeedBox 3.0 (US customers only).

- includes 36v, 24ah battery from Grin Tech.

- Optional additional batteries & solar recharging systems are available.

Please enjoy the video below. If you think 250w is a lot of power for a Stein trike, watch this crazy German put one through its paces with a 7,000w motor attached to the rear swingarm (this was actually part of the development of this trike). If the Stein trike can handle this type of punishment, then surely it will be able to get you wherever you need to go!

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