the Super Commuter

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This is the kit we offer when you want the absolute lightest weight build possible. Using one of these kits, you can add a super high quality pedal assist kit to your bike while adding only ~12-13 pounds to your bike's total weight. The motor itself only weighs 6.5lbs.  It is also less expensive than the Grin hub kit, since it uses a smaller sized motor and controller. Finally, it is ideal for the first timer who's looking to have a little more knowledge of, and tuneability in their system compared to buying a turnkey model. Building up your own e-bike from parts makes it much, much easier to maintain and repair in the future, since all the parts are interchangeable and come with a 3 year warranty. Don't make your LBS learn a foreign language in order to work on your e-bike - do yourself a favor, and choose a well documented, thoroughly vetted system with an excellent warranty and worldwide dealer support! We honestly believe that e-bike components should be as interchangeable as regular bike components - you've got a right to repair and maintain your own equipment, and should be dubious of any source that tries to convince you otherwise.

This series of kits was partially inspired by following Kepler's Super Commuter build on Endless-Sphere way back when we got started in all this - there's no need to over-engineer a solution when the best one already exists. We, as well as Kepler, and many others, have learned the hard way over time so you don't have to! Many curious people ask us the best way to go when just getting into e-bikes. While we do agree that spending at least $1,500 on your first e-bike is a reasonable and safe place to start, not all e-bikes are created equal. Complete bikes in this category can range from passable quality to downright disappointing, and it can be hard to tell the difference. With this system, at least you know you're at a quality starting point; from here, you can upgrade the battery for more range and speed; you can choose a different motor for the same; you can add lights, solar power, 12v converters, heck, even light poles, boom boxes, coffee machines and much, much more!

Invest in a system - no - the new framework of light EV technology that will treat you right for years - not a seemingly disposable e-bike from some big box company that will change the specs on you the next model year. They don't care about you as a person, and you probably don't care about them either - isn't that a shitty vibe worth changing?

By pairing these excellent little motors with the Baserunner z9 controller, and the Cycle Analyst, we're able to squeeze the absolute maximum performance available. Though you won't find the 'hold-on-to-the-handlebars' grunt that is common with the Grin Hub, you will be able to ride throttle only on flat ground. Because we limit the system to 700w continuous out of the box, you will find yourself wanting to pedal up hills, along with the motor, to maintain momentum, but this is by design; if you had any more available power than this, you would probably need a larger motor, which would add weight and complexity to your build. It can be a delicate balance to size an e-bike system for any particular bike, which is why we offer these pre-configured hub motor kits. We selected the motor winding and battery voltage that is most appropriate for each size of wheel so all you have to worry about is choosing which frame to use. The old one in the shed? Your favorite commuter? Maybe a newly commissioned custom frame? We really don't care, we just want to help you get out there (just kidding - we've converted all types of bikes and trikes, and are happy to help recommend the best option for you if you're still deciding). Some of our customers, who ride specific or vintage bikes (like LWB recumbents, vintage MTBs, BMX bikes, etc), chose to add this system simply because it's easier than trying to find a new e-bike that has all the same features - not to mention much, much cheaper than buying new!

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