Stein Trikes


We first came into contact with a Stein Trike at the start line of the Sun Trip Tour 2019, and it stuck out from the pack as the most technologically refined vehicle at the whole event due to its unique double wishbone front suspension. Fast forward a couple years, and after building a couple prototype solar trikes of our own, we decided to team up with Stein Trikes instead, and began selling them in the US. After all, it would probably take at least 15 years of hard work and development to even catch up to them, and by then, they'll be 15 more years ahead of us! Besides the unbelievable attention to detail, and the handmade nature of these functional works of art, Stein is a small company ready to work with us on a great many custom details. They'll even add custom brackets for our solar panels if we ask them to, or mix a custom batch of paint. Let us know what you want to ride, and we can make it happen.