Side Window For ELF

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After almost 3 years of doing repairs on the Organic Transit ELF, we can now produce our own plastic flat panel components, including replacement windows for the ELF. These new side windows are great if your ELF window is scratched, yellowed, or hazy from age. New windows is like getting a new pair of glasses; it will definitely improve your visibility & overall ride experience if your current ones are worn out.

Keep these windows looking new, and increase your visibility in the rain, by periodically buffing with Rain-X For Plastics (by hand only, no wheels ever). 

Made from the same type of 1/8" clear polycarbonate panel that was used to make the ELF. Some people call this Lexan, though that's simply a trade name for polycarbonate (in this case we have Tuffak brand). We even used the same ShopBot CNC machine Organic Transit used to make their windows for the first few years of production.

The panel is UV treated on both sides, rated for outdoor use for up to 10 years.

Includes 7.5' of VHB acrylic tape, which is required to install the windshield. Plus a little extra, in case you mess it up the first time ;). At some point in the next few months we intend to make a short video that shows how to install the windows. Until then, keep these points in mind:

- scrape the old window off slowly, with a screwdriver, chisel, or paint scraper, so you don't crack or scratch the ELF body

- at a large table, w/ soft surface such as carpet or cardboard under the window, roll the VHB onto the edges of the window (not the protective film, which you may want to trim a few inches off of so this part is easier). Stretch it smoothly around the outsides of the corners, while pulling the inner section up into a triangle around the 45 degree mark of the turn. Push this triangle down slightly, to push air out, then cut it off flush with the rest of the VHB with an exacto or other sharp knife. It needs to be really sharp to avoid stretching the VHB and messing up the look from the outside. If you do this part right, it will look correct, like the old window, from the front. Leave the VHB tape backing on until you're ready to actually install the window.

- Clean all residue from the old VHB with ~85% denatured alcohol, Purple Power, Windex, whatever you've got. Don't use acetone, or you'll be sorry you did.

- carefully align it from the sides and top before install so you don't put it on crooked. Then remove the VHB in sections, middle first, so you get proper alignment with the rest of the body.

- Press on all the VHB for a few seconds, from the inside and outside, to set the tape.

- Plastic is left on until AFTER you're finished installing the window to prevent scratches.

- Let us know how it went! Was it worth a couple hundred bucks, and an hour or two of hard labor? We do.