Phaserunner L10 v3

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"New V3 Model with WP8 CA Plug - Stainless Silver Shell with Molded L1019 Motor Connector. 90V Max and 96 A Peak Phase Currents (~45A Continuous).

Stainless Steel Phaserunner, ultra compact field-oriented motor controller, yet still capable of 90V max with 96A peak phase currents. New 2017 model include connectorized battery and phasewire and embedded communications jack. Requires PC setup to mate and configure with a given motor if they are not purchased together, and this requires the USB->TTL communications cable if you don't already have that. Full Phaserunner Information Page.

Manufacturer Grin
Country of Manufacture Canada
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 99 x 40 x 34
Actual Weight (kg) 0.26
Max Battery Amps (A) 50
Battery Range (V) 30-90
Low Voltage Cutoff (V) Programmable
MOSFETs 6X 100V, 3mOhm

Phaserunner Controller User Manual
PhaseRunner Dimensional Diagram
New Phaserunner Software Suite from Grin Tech, Windows
New Phaserunner Software Suite from Grin Tech, Linux
New Phaserunner Software Suite from Grin Tech, MacOS



^Above information and pictures are provided by the manufacturer, Grin Technologies.