While we are able to order in pretty much anything that you require to complete a project, if needed, we do also stock certain essentials for immediate shipping. We will be adding more little products to this 'parts' page over the next two years until we offer everything you would need to build or repair your ? brand e-bike using the Grin All Axle hub motor. This also includes our SELFe project.

Though there are a dizzying amount of options available, all across the world, we really feel like the All Axle hub v3 is the absolute pinnacle of what is available on the market anywhere. This motor, unlike any other, was lovingly designed for a period of over 8 years (self funded, and in a garage, I'd like to add),  before it was put into *pilot* production, where it cycled multiple times, before arriving at v3. Most companies simply don't have this much fun with their product development. We think the extra spice, emanating from the Grin hub, is the result of people doing what they LOVE ... not just making a new product to make money.

So, pending the release of v3, as well as the forthcoming marine and aerospace versions, we have decided to standardize on the Grin All Axle hub motor going forward (as of January, 2024).

The All Axle hub motor is unique in the world for these reasons:

- It is the only direct drive hub motor on the market that uses an aluminum core instead of steel to save weight (the All Axle hub is several pounds lighter than other motors of a comparable size).

- The invention of Statorade was actually a simple byproduct of the design of this motor. Now, it is widely used in all kinds of direct drive motors. Call it a happy accident. What if more product designers chose to take this position?

- Integrated torque arm: This motor has the industry's best splined torque arm, making install safer and easier than ever before.

- All axle standards. This motor got its name because it features all the different axle adapters, which enable you to use it on every common axle standard (except 20mm ... for that, you still need to buy V2).

- Rear All Axle motor features built in torque sensor, which greatly simplifies install & maintenance. The freehub now comes in 3 different options to suit all the different rear gear clusters that are now available.

- Regen and reverse - our attitude, for a long time now, has been set apart from the mainstream. We believe that a quality e-bike should feature regenerative braking, which, by design, also allows for a reverse button.