NEW Off-Road


When you seek to traverse the most unforgiving sand, mud, or snow on the planet, We've got you covered in comfort and reliability. Introducing the Stein Trikes Fat One - the most capable and beautiful fat bike ever made! Up until now, you may have thought that the most inaccessible roads in the world could only be traversed by specialized vehicles like Jeeps, Toyota Land Cruisers, dirtbikes, and, um, 2 wheeled e-bikes ... but no more.

Hit the dunes, conquer the snow, or fling that mud on a bike like no other. Available with either the Oli Sport mid drive unit, or dual front wheel hub motors. Yes, you heard that right ... three wheel drive is an available option for this beast, just like all Stein Trikes purchased through Sol Mobil. There is no mountain this trike can't climb.

Please contact us for more details about this unique and extremely capable new generation of off-road electric vehicles. This trike is like absolutely nothing else currently on the market. No other manufacturer offers this type of double a-arm front suspension on their fat trikes.

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