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If purchasing this motor built into a wheel, please allow 3-4 days extra processing time to ready the wheel build. All of our wheels are hand built to order.

"The Bafang G310 motor is a compact disk compatible 2.5kg rear hub with a nominal 250-350 watt power rating that works great for stealthy systems that do not require significant assist for steep hills or cargo. This motor includes an internal 6-pole speedeometer sensor so it can use a CA-DP device and not require an external speedo pickup. It has a spiral gears on the initial reduction of a double stage planetary gear and is exceptionally quiet for a geared motor. Uses a cassette freehub system rather than screw-on freewheel and features a side cable exit as well. This hub is wound with a standard RPM/V typically suited for 26" and 700c wheels.

Uses 9-pin overmolded Higo Z910 waterproof connector for the motor phase and hall wires. Including 6-pole speedometer.

For more details, see the G31X Geared Motor Info Page

Please use a power limit of 700W maximum with these products

Actual Weight (kg) 2.55
Country of Manufacture China
Manufacturer Bafang
Motor Power Range (Watts) 250-500
Motor KV (RPM / V) 8.5
Phase Resistance (Ohm) 0.124
Disk Brake Compatible Yes
Axle Length (O.L.D.) 138
Spoke Holes 36 Hole
Nominal Wheel Size Unlaced
Flange Spoke Diameter (mm) 123
Magnetic Pole Pairs 88
Hysteresis Losses (N-m) 0.666
Eddie Losses (N-m / rad/sec) 0.015


G310 Motor Dimensional Diagram

G310 Motor, 3D CAD Model"

^Above information and pictures are provided by the distributor, Grin Technologies.