Maintenance & Repairs

Sol Mobil is committed to thoughtful, low cost, and efficient repair services that allow you to get back on the road as soon as possible. Unlike most other electric bike shops, we don't sell e-bikes manufactured by other companies; we build our own style of custom, made-to-order electric bikes. This allows us a much greater degree of flexibility when performing repairs; we treat every repair as a custom built e-bike, because that's what it will be when you get it back. When you bring your e-bike (or lightweight EV) to Sol Mobil, it's coming to a shop operated by a LEVA certified e-bike technician with close to 10 years of experience building & repairing electric bikes. 

If you purchased your bike from Sol Mobil, and you require a periodic adjustment or maintenance item, we will work to get your bike in and out as expressly as possible. We stock replacement parts for the basic Grin Tech conversion systems, as well as some more essentials such as their Satiator charger, batteries, Cycle Analysts, and more. We do this primarily so we're actually able to carry out these repairs & provide kits in a timely manner.

Examples of Typical Installation Fees:

 Hub motor wheel lace:     $60

Phaserunner Motor controller:     $90

Cycle Analyst 3.1 installation & initial programming:     $90

Torque sensing pedal assist system (requires a Cycle Analyst):     $90

Battery rebuild:     $TBD depending on size and performance requirements

Replace connector with Anderson PowerPole:     $5/ea

Convert your bike:      $360-$600ish depending on options




Please note that we cannot guarantee any timeline or budget for bikes that came in from 3rd party OEMs (original equipent manufacturer). We can only provide accurate estimates for bicycles and components that we sell. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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