Welcome to Sol Mobil LLC, your friendly, neighborhood electric bike shop. Sol Mobil offers professional quality E-Bike builds, repairs, upgrades, and misc. technician services. We specialize in building and servicing electric bikes that normal bike shops refuse to work on, usually because the E-Bike wasn't purchased at the shop, the mechanic is not familiar with e-drive systems, or because it's been converted by the owner.

We believe that all quality E-Bikes have the potential to give decades of service if properly maintained. That's why we work on all types of E-bikes. That's why we start all of our custom builds with high-quality, open standard replacement parts that are readily available at over 100 dealers worldwide instead of locking the customer into a proprietary drive system. And that's why we're engaged in the development of a solar powered electric cargo bike, capable of perpetual operation for years at a time without recharging (coming 2020 - keep checking back for details). 

We specialize in:

  • Custom built electric bikes 
  • repairs & upgrades
  • e-bike conversions
  • DIY kits & components
  • solar charging systems
  • Lithium battery rebuilds (for power tools too!)

Please check out our Products and Services pages for a complete idea of what Sol Mobil can do for you. Thanks for visiting, and be sure to subscribe below so we can stay in touch!


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