NEW Gravel

Coming Soon. Before we build customized, super nice gravel bikes for anyone in the world, we will build them for our friends first. Just to make sure they're as awesome as possible ;). We have, over the last 8 years, developed a unique frame building method called Bam-A-Lam, which relies on bamboo cores, plus various natural fibers laminated in bio epoxy, to achieve both complex, organic frame shapes as well as uncompromising performance and life cycle credentials. This allows us to make our bikes look normal, but behave anything but. Most importantly, we have adopted this mix of materials in order to create the most comfortable bike frame in the world, and are now working on applying this technology to the existing gravel and e-hardpack scene more generally speaking.


If you're in the Triad, NC area, come visit us at the Beers N Gears Monday Night ride from Fiddlin Fiish to learn more. We are currently building test frame #5, while at the same time, evaluating the production processes we plan to use in the future. Then, pending results of this frame build, we will be able to make small changes to test frame #6 and #7 as necessary before going any further. Frame builds #5, #6, #7, #8 are already spoken for by friends and existing customers, though we don't seek to produce these frames commercially until at least 2025. Producing bike frames is a serious endeavor for us, and is one of the first products we began researching in 2015.


If this project is of specific interest to you, please reach out at Thanks!

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