Fast Lane

SPECIAL NOTE FOR FALL 2023 THRU SPRING 2024: TEXT 'HEELP ME' to 828-263-4159 for fastest response. Normal inquiries are best handled by sending an e-mail to Our phone is currently setup for callbacks only, so please, please do leave a voicemail if you do choose to contact us by phone so we know to call you back. Thank you for your understanding as we work towards building up a big enough staff to answer the phone once again - our goal is to reach this by summer 2024, but I can only do it with your continued help!

- Ryan Gillespie


These are all the types of projects that we are able to take on as expressly as possible. We make every effort to keep this 'lane' open and ready for when sh!t hits the fan, and you need your Sol Mobil provided equipment prepped and/or repaired as expressly as humanly possible. This level of attention can only be given to straightforward repairs & build inquiries, and can only be given to products that we originally provided. This helps keep our 'fast lane' builds and repairs as simple and straightforward as possible, allowing us to actually get these projects in and out of the door as expressly as possible.

If your broken e-bike came from the web, or from a different store, you're not out of luck - that's actually one of our specialties. But those repairs, especially when dealing with an  OEM that's unresponsive, or gone out of business, are typically much more complicated, and take a lot longer to complete than builds using our preferred system. We cannot guarantee any timeline or budget whatsoever on any project/repair that did not first originate from our company. Check out the 'slow lane' page for more info regarding discontinued/out of production e-bikes and trikes.

Anything requiring any sort of 3D modeling, custom fabrication, or any engineering validation whatsoever will require extra time and attention. Thus, these more complicated types of product development collaborations will generally be quoted under our 'industry' guidelines.

Thanks so much for the continued interest in Sol Mobil. We are here to help you do it right!