EV3000 w/Sidecar, Midnight Black

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Wait time for the EV3000 is curently 3 months. Please do not order this unique, incredibly exciting vehicle unless you're ok with waiting a little bit. Thanks!

From The Manufacturer:

"Model Number: EV3000

Motor Power: 3000W Brushless DC Motor

Max Speed: 30 MPH

LG Battery: 72V40ah Lithium (removable battery, 100% charged in 5 hours)

Recharge Cycles: 1000 charging cycles

Range Per Charge: 60 miles

Weight of the vehicle : 270 LBS

Max loading capacity: 400 LBS

Hydraulic Brakes: Front and rear disc brakes 

Tire size: 3.5 – 10’’ Tubeless

Vehicle Size: 75″ X 47″ X 44″

Extra pocket available to store phone, speaker, air pods etc.. 

Aventura-X Scooter Package Includes: 2keys + charger + rear-view mirror (easily assembled, no tools required) 

All of our Aventura-X electric scooters are fully tested and inspected by our team prior to shipping 

We offer a 1 year warranty on the battery, motor, chassis and have a full refund policy on all of our lithium ion batteries

All Sidecars come fully assembled , simply turn on the Sidecar and you will be ready to go Vroom Vroom!"

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