ELF Floor

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In our warehouse. Usually ships in 1-3 days.

Expected release date is Sep 1st 2022

Does your ELF need a floor? Or are you just feeling the wood grain? After we had a couple customers request we add a floor to their ELFs, we decided to start stocking them for sale online as well.

We make these floors out of plywood finished in Solarez gloss clear coat. In the future, we may add one or two hardwood options, so keep an eye out going forward if that's something that interests you. 

The CNC process, plus Solarez UV curing resin, makes for a straightforward production method that yields very exciting results. Solarez UV resin cures bone dry in 3 minutes of sunlight, allowing us to finish these parts quickly compared to using epoxy, lacquer, or oils. They can be sanded, buffed, and polished to a high gloss finish the same day they come off the CNC machine, since the Solarez does its job so quickly. It also completely seals the wood off from the outdoors, essentially turning it into a plastic on the outside to prevent future degradation from sunlight and moisture. Solarez is a hard wearing, high gloss finish suitable for all kinds of woodworking an composites parts, though it was originally developed for surfboards. That means you can repair tiny sections, or completely re-buff and re-polish these floors years after installation to keep them looking fresh indefinitely.

One customer said: "It looks like an exotic wood or something." Nope, that's just the Solarez working its magic on that plywood.

New versions come with griptape instead of drainage holes.

Floors come with aluminum mounting brackets, plus all necessary hardware.

Pictures coming soon.

ETA September 2022.