Electric Bike Maintenance Manual

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Please note that this product ships on a physical USB flash drive through USPS parcel delivery within 3-5 business days of order completion. 

This manual is written by Dr. Don Gerhardt of Gerhardt Cycles in Winston-Salem. It is used in the LEVA e-bike training course. 


"Electric Bike Maintenance Manual

ISBN 978-0-9905228-0-5


Don Gerhardt from Gerhardt Cycles developed a training course for electric bike technicians. The course evolved from an earlier course on the design, assembly and application of lithium batteries. The course material is being used by the Light Electric Vehicle Association (LEVA) for their electric bike technician training and certification program. Over 500 technicians have received training at various locations including Interbike, Community Colleges, Universities, Park Tool, the United Bicycle Institute and E-Bike Manufacturer headquarters. Each student is provided with a copy of the Electric Bike Maintenance Manual on a USB drive. The manual has 19 chapters on various E-Bike systems and components. The manual also has over 50 appendices with technical service information and videos on diagnostics and battery testing. Contact links are provided for over 300 worldwide manufactures of E-Bikes, E-Scooters and Personal Electric Vehicles.


Electric Bike Maintenance Manual
Appendix Index                                                                          

  1. Introduction                                                                               
  2. Electric Bicycles                                                                         
  3. Electric Scooters                                                                     
  4. Electric Motorcycles                                                               
  5. Light and Special Electric Vehicles                                       
  6. Tools and Test Equipment for Light Electric Vehicles      
  7. Electric Theory and Components                                         
  8. Electric Bicycle Set Up                                                             
  9. Diagnostics                                                                                
  10. Connectors                                                                                    
  11. Throttles                                                                                   
  12. Brake Switches                                                                         
  13. Crank and Torque Sensors                                                     
  14. Motor Controllers                                                                    
  15. Electric Motors                                                                                         
  16. Batteries and Battery Management Systems                  
  17. Battery Chargers                                                                    
  18. Displays                                                                                      
  19. Data Recorders and Analyzers                                          

Glossary of Terms                                                                          


^ Above information was provided by the author Dr. Don Gerhardt.