E-Bike System Install




Have you found the bike of your dreams, wish it was electric, but don't want to mess around with choosing and installing a quality e-drive system?

Maybe you've got your eye on a snazzy new mountain bike, and the electric version (if there is one) seems a little watered down and/or expensive for the price.

Perhaps you've even messed around with converting an e-bike on your own, but the project hasn't been as, um, fruitful as expected. 

Or perhaps you're embarking on an epic adventure, one that a normal E-bike just can't handle --- we know the feeling.

For these reasons and many more, Sol Mobil LLC offers professional quality e-bike builds. All of our E-bike builds are performed by a LEVA certified E-Bike technician with 5 years experience working with E-bikes. We use main drive electronics sourced exclusively by Grin Technologies to ensure optimum performance and reliability for years to come. 

If you're interested in having a conversation about your dream bike, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

This service is currently only available to North Carolina residents. It is too difficult for us to support a converted bike unless the customer is willing to bring it by the shop for periodic maintenance and adjustment. If you live outside North Carolina, and still want to have your bike converted using our system, then you can purchase the kit for install by your trusted local bike shop. You can also shop our brand new customized builds, which are able to be shipped anywhere in the world if necessary. Thanks!

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