Dual All Axle Front Hub Motor System For Trikes

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Allow 2-3 weeks lead time before this item is ready to be shipped. Please e-mail for details. Thanks!

Here you will find the absolute latest and greatest e-trike kit from Grin Tech: the dual All Axle front hub motor setup. This is the only way to add smooth, powerful, responsive and reliable all wheel drive pedal assist to a tadpole style recumbent trike.

Though we initially began offering this kit for the Stein Trikes Wild One, we have also helped adapt it to other trikes, such as the FreeCross, Organic Transit ELF, and more. The parts list and process involved with installing a dual hub motor kit can quickly become complex, so we have listed it for sale here in what we believe to be the simplest terms possible. If you require more customization, such as a specific rim, or different type of throttle, then please don't hesitate to reach out through e-mail for a customized quote! However, most people should be able to use this form in order to get a good idea of the costs associated with this type of e-bike kit.


How to use this order form:

1. Rim Size: please provide your bike's rim size. If it is not one of the standard sizes listed on the kit builder, then please send us your actual wheel size in an e-mail before placing the order.

2. Brakes: Most users, who plan to reuse their bikes existing brakes, should choose the Wuxing brake handle option. They will replace your existing bike handles with new ones that engage regenerative braking mode when pulled. If you do not want to replace your existing brake handles, because they're built into the shifter (or some other reason), then you can choose to use the TripWire system instead. They make a Pull and a Push model depending on your style brake handle. We also offer the Tekro system for people wishing to add increased stopping power and responsiveness to their new e-bike build.

3. We typically offer new wheel builds using Velocity rims because, well ... they're awesome. If you'd like to use a different rim not listed, please send us an e-mail before ordering to coordinate this. If you will be mailing in your rims to be rebuilt, please mark the box as 'DHUB' send them to our shipping and receiving address :

SOL MOBIL Att'n Ryan Gillespie

215 W. 12th St.

Winston-Salem, NC 27101

as we cannot begin any work on the wheel builds until we receive these rims!

Axle Size: This kit is specifically intended for dual front wheel builds on trikes with disc brakes. As a result, they will have some type of thru axle. Please indicate whether your trike has a 12, 15, or 20mm wide thru axle so we can include the appropriate motor spacer. Stein Trikes use 12mm axles, and the Organic Transit ELF uses 20mm.


Please note that all in store customers can get 3% off of by using cash, check, or GoCardless instead of a credit/debit card. You also don't have to pay for shipping.


This kit contains the following items as standard:


I. Electrical

- Grin All Axle Hub Motor x2

- Baserunner L10 v6 motor controller from Grin Technologies x2

- 36v, 15ah battery x2

- Cycle Analyst v3 with multi function switch

- Dual controller splitter wire

- Thumb throttle

- Torque sensor

- e-brake cutoff handles

- Cycle Satiator smart charger


II. Mechanical & etc

- Custom cut Sapim Strong 13-14g tapered spokes

- double walled rim x2

- Wheel builds

- Super bright front light, plus rear light and extension wire

- Phone holder

- Skid plate batter mount


Optional Additions That We Recommend (coming soon to the web - these options are already available in store):

- Tires & Tubes?

- Helmet?

- Frame bags?

- rear / front racks?

- Panniers?

- Rain jacket & pants

- tools & first aid kit