Baserunner L10

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Please note that this is the new Baserunner version 6, and that some changes have been made to this controller's pin outs.


The Baserunner_L10 is a compact field-oriented motor controller and enclosure that fits inside the Hailong and Reention downtube battery cradles. It is compatible with up to 14s (58V) battery packs, supports up to 80A peak phase current, and is terminated with an L1019 waterproof HiGo motor plug. Includes a 3-pin JST throttle plug (with remote on/off switch wires under the heatshrink) and the 8 pin HiGo plug for the new CA3-WP. To convert the WP8 to a classic CA-DP, you must purchase an adapter. The adapter will force the controller to be on when the battery is on.

The baserunner purchased on its own has bare + and - lead wires that will need to be soldered to the pins of the connector present in your original base plate. We do separately sell spare spade and bullet connector sets if desired. 

A computer setup is required to configure this controller to a given motor, and this requires the USB->TTL communications cable if you don't already have one. Users without an on-off switch on their battery should expect to wire in a separate switch on their own. Full Baserunner Information Page.

Manufacturer Grin
Country of Manufacture Canada
Dimensions (L x W x H, mm) 90 x 55 x 15
Actual Weight (kg) 0.18
Max Battery Amps (A) 40
Battery Range (V) 20-60
Low Voltage Cutoff (V) Programmable
MOSFETs 6x 4mOhm
Connector(s) JST-SM, L1019, TRRS, WP8 (HiGo 0812)

Phaserunner Controller User Manual (Baserunner setup is similar)
New Phaserunner Software Suite from Grin Tech, Windows
New Phaserunner Software Suite from Grin Tech, Linux
New Phaserunner Software Suite from Grin Tech, MacOS

^Pictures and info provided by the manufacturer


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