All Axle Hub Motor

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Price Includes Statorade cooling fluid ($20)

This is the best front hub motor we can get our hands on - it is direct drive, offers massive power & regen potential, and weighs less than 10 lbs due to its aluminum core. It is called the 'All Axle Hub' because it is to be purchased with whichever axle adapter you would need; for instance, if the motor is intended for a bike with normal (9mm) dropouts, simply purchase the motor with those axle inserts. If your bike has a 12mm, 15mm, or 20mm thru axle, that's ok too, just select the appropriate axle insert when making your selection. This is also the only motor on the market designed for single sided installation, which comes in handy when building up recumbent trikes with front wheel motors such as Catrikes, other unique bikes such as the FreeCross, or other applications like bike trailers or even boats. It is highly adaptable to almost any situation when you have the correct adapter plates. We stock this motor in the Standard winding, and with a black anodized outer casing. Send us an e-mail if you want one of the other windings, or the silver colored version, and we can special order it for you.

Justin L.E. from Grin Tech has done it again, and after years of development, has created a superior direct drive motor by taking what was currently on the market, and re-engineering everything to a completely different & higher standard. This motor can handle being run continuously at well over 3kw, so you can be assured that you will have a really, really hard time ruining it under normal operating conditions. This is the motor used by several well known e-bike nomads, including:

Justin L.E. and Anne Sophie, Sun Trip 2018 - Justin is the creator of this motor as well as some of our other favorite products, including the Cycle Analyst and Baserunner controller. They have been providing parts to people in the Sun Trip association since 2013, and finally decided to 'join the madness' for the Sun Trip 2018.

Mr. Solar E- Bike - Here's another fellow using the Grin motor & controller system to achieve an amazing amount of miles per day using only solar power. His design has gone through several iterations, and the blog is quite detailed.

Sushil Reddy SunPedalRide USA 2021 - Sol Mobil assembled Sushil's custom solar Yuba cargo bike, which included 2x 50w SunPower flex panels in our prototype solar bike racks machined from marine grade plywood. They began their trip at our shop in Winston-Salem, and the Grin hub motor system was provided by Grin for the trip.

Dario Ciani - We were introduced to Dario when he, as well as Team Sol Mobil, participated in the Sun Trip Tour 2019. Dario has two Grin hub motors mounted in his green Quest velomobile, one in each front wheel. He is able to tow an 85lb blowup camping trailer, as well as over 4kwh of batteries, using this setup, which allows him to achieve incredible mileage and endurance.

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