Aerothan 700 x 35-38C / 28 x 1.65-2.00" Tire Tube

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The Schwalbe Aerothan redefines what the bike tube can be. They are much lighter than standard tire tubes, and offer notably increased protection & efficiency.

From the manufacturer:

  • Full TPU construction is light-weight down to the valve - about 40% less weight than a comparable Schwalbe extra light tube
  • Thermoplastic polyurethane material offers improved puncture protection over standard tubes and prevents sudden air loss from punctures
  • Offers extremely low rolling resistance
  • Extremely heat resistant material won`t deteriorate with rim brake use
  • Performs like a standard tube even with low pressure
  • Easy to install and resists pinching and slipping
  • 100% recyclable
Size: 700x35-50 Valve Type: PV
Valve Length: 40mm Valve Angle: 0d
Valve Stem: Smooth Weight: 61g
Supplier Number: 10461373