So you got an e-bike. Now what?

The answer is the open road, baby.

Plugin your battery, hit the grocery store, then ride as far as you can until the sun goes down. Or it's time for beer. Or both. Stop at as many side of the road distractions as you want, or none at all. Camp out, or get a hotel. Go for 3 hours, 3 days or 3 years. Go off-road if you're feeling extra extra hype. Everybody should go on a little adventure every now and then!

You can cruise at 25 mph, or bike with the motor turned off to get an extra burn, and everywhere in between. We typically sustain an average pace of around 14-20mph when touring in North Carolina, at an efficiency of 12-35wh/mi depending on the bike & route. For instance, this ole' electrified Linear recumbent can sustain an average of 17.5mph at under 15w/mi, and that was including some steep mountain areas. Excluding the battery, this entire build weighs only 42 pounds as configured, and is surprisingly well suited to distance touring & traveling for many reasons:


[insert pic of Linear]


To compare, we also used an ELF on that same trip in Western North Carolina, which sustained the same average speed at an estimated 30-35 wh/mi.


[insert pic of Touring Edition ELF by Sol Mobil]


In addition to the Sun Trip California, we have also been quietly pursuing another little project called Remap The World. When you drive a car, you use car maps. When you navigate a freight train, you use train maps - and our concept is no different! When you have an e-bike, or a solar e-bike, you don't necessarily want to use car maps, and honestly, you don't want to get stuck using bike maps either; you'll need e-bike touring maps, of course! There are some roads accessible to bikes that are unfavorable for e-bikes, and just as well, there are some roads suggested by the 'avoid highway' setting of Google's normal car maps that are not ideal either (though it's one of the best systems you can use to navigate on your e-bike). As more and more people choose to get electric bikes, and travel farther and farther distances with them, it only makes sense to continue to dedicate more and more roadways to the exclusive domain of pedestrians, bikes, and light electric vehicles such as e-bikes, scooters, one wheels, unicycles, e-boards, skates, and more! This can save thousands of lives per year in the short term, and in addition, create a new framework of healthy living in our society that only serves to increase the physical and mental health level of the average person, while at the same time, diverts money previously spent on fossil-fuel based transportation to the cycling & light electric vehicle industries.

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